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Flavia Valentini

Founder- Creative Direction & Active Member

Founder and owner of the atelier Flavia Valentini, deeply involved in the creation, development and research of sustainable beachwear and powerful certified organic skincare, supporting actively projects related to educational and social problems of the oceans, women’s rights and ecological conservation of marine resources.

Vice President

Andrea Pieri

Corporate Charity Events Managment and Blockchain Expert Advisory

For more than 20 years in the field of communication and events managment and tanks to his international network, Andrea support companies to be involved on Be Ocean Lover projects organaizing incentive and charrity events worldwide. Also Deeply expert of blockchain his developing the blockchain technology behind every transiction of Be Ocean Lover International Organization with the purpose to bring to our ocean defenders and partners the most and best trust and transparency transiction on every projects that we support.


Lady Stefania V

Senior Advisor & Expedition Leader, Europe

(National Federation of Fishing Companies) development of  business problems and opportunities.

Donatella Beck

Scientific Committee Research Focus

Research activity is mostly focused on bioprospecting from extreme environments. Specifically, we aim at the identification of novel antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer compounds. 

We are always happy to expand our board of directors and counsellors!

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